Latest version: 8.1 The GNU nano homepage Modified: 2024 July 12


Improvements made in version 2.6:
  • Trailing whitespace can be snipped from justified paragraphs.
  • Better feedback when a file is unwritable or a directory inaccessible.
  • Bindable functions for deleting a word to the left and to the right.
  • A bindable function for saving the current file without prompting for its name.

  • Commenting/uncommenting lines with a single keystroke (M-3).
  • Resizing the window does not exit from help viewer nor file browser.
  • On some terminals Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right jump to previous and next word.
  • A steadier movement of the highlight in the file browser.

Improvements made in version 2.4:
  • The ability to give different colors to title bar, status bar and help lines.
  • Linter support, for automatically putting the cursor on syntax errors.
  • Formatter support, for normalizing the layout of a text instead of the spelling.
  • The undo/redo system has reached a usable state and is enabled by default.

  • No longer finds "ghosts" of certain UTF-8 characters.
  • Makes the mouse usable again for clicking on shortcuts.
  • Fixes several syntax coloring issues.
  • Adds more syntax highlighting examples (Go, guile, javascript, json, PO files, texinfo, ...).

Improvements made in version 2.2:
  • Customizable key bindings.
  • Abortable searching (^C after ^W).
  • Partial undo/redo support [EXPERIMENTAL].
  • Pager support (i.e. reading from stdin).
  • Warnings for unwritable files and for external modification since opening.
  • "Soft" line wrapping (i.e. display of complete lines).
  • More syntax highlighting examples (Fortran, objC, OCaml, Makefiles).
  • Faster syntax highlighting for complicated regexes.

Improvements made in version 2.0:
  • UTF-8 support.
  • Improved color syntax highlighting.
  • Copy text without cutting it.
  • Verbatim input mode.
  • Repeat last seach (Meta-W).
  • Spell check/replace selected text only.
  • Indent marked text.
  • Move to beginning/end of paragraph.
  • Search within the file browser.
  • Auto-conversion of mixed file format.

Improvements made in version 1.2:
  • More Pico compatible by default.
  • Smooth scrolling (-S flag).
  • Bracket matching (Meta-]).
  • .nanorc support.
  • Color syntax highlighting.
  • Search and replace history editing.
  • Customizable quoting string (-Q flag).
  • Append/prepend from write file menu.
  • Write selected text to file (^O after ^^).
  • Multiple file buffers (-F flag).
  • Support for Mac and DOS file format.
  • Saved search/replace history (-H flag).
  • Backup files (-B flag).
  • Insert output of command (^X after ^R).

Version 1.0 had the following features:
  • Autoconf support.
  • Truly free license (GNU GPL).
  • Goto-line command without a flag.
  • Case-sensitive search function.
  • Interactive search and replace.
  • About half the size of the Pico binary.
  • Slang and ncurses support.
  • Autoindent abillity.
  • Displayed tab width option.
  • Regular-expression search and replace.
  • Toggles for command-line flags via Meta keys.
  • Tab completion when reading/writing files.