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Modified: 2018 November 11
GNU nano: Overview  

(2.6 release) (2.4 release) (2.2 release) (2.0 release) (1.2 release) (1.0 release)
The 2.2 release of GNU nano continues to add some features while attempting to provide continuity to users of previous versions. When possible we have elected to make new features disabled by default, as .nanorc and aliasing allows one to easily enable desired settings permanently.

The following improvements and features are available in version 2.2:
  • Customizable key bindings.
  • Abortable searching (^C after ^W).
  • Partial undo/redo support [EXPERIMENTAL].
  • Pager support (i.e. reading from stdin).
  • Warnings for unwritable files and for external modification since opening.
  • "Soft" line wrapping (i.e. display of complete lines).
  • More syntax highlighting examples (Fortran, objC, OCaml, Makefiles).
  • Faster syntax highlighting for complicated regexes.

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