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Modified: 2018 November 11
GNU nano: Overview  

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The 1.2 release of GNU nano attempts to move even closer to the goal of a 'compatible but enhanced' Pico clone.

The following new and changed features are available in version 1.2:
  • More Pico compatible by default.
  • Smooth scrolling (-S flag).
  • Bracket matching (Meta-]).
  • .nanorc support.
  • Color syntax highlighting.
  • Search and replace history editing.
  • Customizable quoting string (-Q flag).
  • Append/prepend from write file menu.
  • Write selected text to file (^O after ^^).
  • Multiple file buffers (-F flag).
  • Mac/Dos/NoConvert file format (-M, -D, -N).
  • Saved search/replace history (-H flag).
  • Backup files (-B flag).
  • Insert output of command (^X after ^R).

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